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DREAMS OF DESTINY - The Ron Kapp Story


The property owner, Ron Kapp, grew up in Cleveland, Ohio.  His childhood dream was to have a cabin in the woods.  He went to Ohio State and studied Biology.  He went to the University of Texas at Austin and majored in physiology and environmental sciences.  He went to medical school in Houston.  He studied sports medicine in Germany, Internal Medicine in St. Louis, and kept the dream of having a cabin in the woods alive.  His passion was tennis and he played it around the world.  He set Guinness World Records thru his dedication and hard work.

He practiced emergency medicine in Texas, California, Wyoming and Colorado and traveled the country looking for his cabin-in-the-woods.  He eventually found it outside of Ashland, Oregon - the greenest and most progressive state in the Union.  He bought that old logging camp in 1995  and thus began his life's work.  Day after day, year after year, he planted trees and cleaned up the debris of 75 years of neglect.  Finally, it began to take shape.  The trees grew, the animals returned, he practiced his labor of love.  Holes were dug, ponds were built, the trees grew.  He built his small cabin-in-the-woods.

Surrounded by millions of acres of National Forest & BLM lands, he wandered the Trails of Oregon for hours on end.  One spring day he discovered the wild morels - a grilled delicacy with butter.  Late one summer day he discovered wild berries.  One fall day he discovered the elderberries - perfect for wine making.  Like a bear - he hibernated thru the winter - his cabin-in-the-woods, his refuge.  Spring returned every year with the mountain wild flowers, the singing of birds, and the scampering of the chipmonks & squirrels.  A virtual Garden of Eden!

He built roads, outbuildings, and lived his Dream-in-the-Woods.

Big Cedar Tree and Me

One day, Ildiko showed up.  She was a beautiful Hungarian girl who grew up on an island, Szigetmonostor, in the middle of the Danube.  Ron shared his dream with Ildiko.  She joined him on his journey-in-the-woods.  Together they wandered the Oregon countryside and beyond.  They visited Machu Pichu, Bora Bora, Kyoto, Budapest, Copan and more.  Nothing compared to their little cabin in the woods - until they visited Santorini, the spiritual haven of the Gods of Greece.

The ancient mysticism excited their passion once again.  Ildiko was drawn to the island off the Peloponnesian Coast.  Newly found friends welcomed them into their homes and hearts.  They learned that the world is an interconnected web of harmony and love.  They were drawn to Santorini - the Lost Continent of Atlantis.  The azure blue sea and the caldera rim opened their eyes to a new reality.  The ancient Greek gods & goddesses lived in their hearts.  A new portal of discovery opened to their wonderment.  They decided.  Or maybe someone else decided for them.  No mattter - The World was calling.  The little cabin-in-the-woods was now waiting for someone new to live their dream, of living-in-the-woods.

Are you that person?  Do you have a dream of living a Walden-like existence?  Are you looking for spiritual seclusion?  Magical Mountain Retreat offers that and more.  Only by selling you Magical Mountain Retreat, can we all live our Dreams-of-Destiny.

Do You Have a Dream of Destiny? 
  • The Ultimate in Spiritual Seclusion 
  • Magical Mountain Retreat - 160 acres - Cascade Mountain Range, Oregon, USA
  • FOR SALE TODAY!   MAY, 2020

Forest and Cabin

WATCH to what your dream can be!

Valley View from Patio


    CONTACT:  Ronald Kapp - property owner

"In wilderness is the preservation of the world." - Thoreau 

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